Fredericksburg VA Home Seller Tips – Correctly Pricing a Home

Fredericksburg VA Home Selling Tips

Price Your Home to Sell in Fredericksburg Virginia. Listing agents offer home selling advice for Fredericksburg home sellers. Home sales begin with choosing the right price and a marketing plan. Let me assist you in selling your home in Fredericksburg VA.

Pricing a Home to Sell

Pricing to Sell Your Home in Fredericksburg VA! Selling a home or real estate in Fredericksburg VA? Times are very different toy than just a few years ago. Don’t know how to set the price? Well, the best advice is don’t make a costly mistake and overprice it.  By the time you realize what you’ve done, it may be too late to undo the damage.

In today’s Fredericksburg VA real estate market there is more inventory available, than last year because of higher mortgage rates and higher home prices, but the real estate market is very different! If you haven’t noticed, everyone else already has! Homes that are priced correctly and show well are selling. In this market, you want to price your home or real estate realistically so it will sell quickly, so you can get as much as you can, and you don’t want to be greedy.

Strategize to Sell

Selling a home is now a strategy for experienced agents and sellers that understand the dynamics that are at play. Homes that have been on the market for extended periods, tend to sell for far less than the original list price. So how do you set the best asking price when selling a home in Fredericksburg Virginia? Contact us! We have the experience to assist you when selling your home!

It has been said that 90% of all home sales start with having the right price! Pricing your home correctly from the beginning is one of the most important factors in selling your home. Our experience has shown us that if you price your home TOO HIGH, your home will remain on the market for a long period – and will ultimately sell for less money than if it were priced properly from the start.

Home Pricing Diagram:

Fredericksburg VA Pricing Your Home to SellIf you price your home TOO LOW, you may sell it quickly, but for less money than it is worth. Determining the correct price at which to sell your home is very important in maximizing its value to you. For results that count, contact me NOW!

Where Should Your Home be Priced?
There are three main pricing strategies – pricing your home: above, at, or below its market value.

Priced above market value Sellers like to price their home high, thinking that someone just might pay it. That’s unlikely – buyers shopping for a home know exactly what the market is like, and won’t be fooled into paying more than it’s worth.

Priced at market value Always a good strategy – that’s what your home is worth!

Worried about setting the wrong price? Hire a professional, and experienced agent! Why? Because if your home isn’t within 5% of the average value, it’s overpriced, and the list price should be dropped. Don’t let your home become an old, tired listing. It will eventually sell for less than you would have received if you’d priced it properly!

Pricing Games

I don’t play pricing games when listing a home. The smart thing to do is list homes at the right price. Everyone benefits! This ensures your listings sell in the shortest time for the highest price! My many years of experience in the real estate business proves this is the best approach! Unlike other agents that will “BUY YOUR LISTING!” (They will list your home at a higher price even if it is unrealistic because the agent knows you are motivated and need to sell.) Your personal needs will dictate the necessity to reduce price sooner than later. Within a few weeks of listing your home at the higher price, the agent will start approaching you to reduce the price. How mean! That is emotional blackmail.

As Your Listing Agent My Goal:

  • Get you the most money possible.
  • Sell your home as quickly as you can.
  • Make selling your home a pleasant and profitable experience for you.
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